Monday, 19 July 2010

Linear Launch - Help Wanted

Plans for the grant Linear Launch on 5th September are coming along well. Lunchtime in the City Chambers, Edinburgh, with up to 15 groups of supporters out there on the hills, ready to do their bit to help launch Ribbon of Wildness.
Now I`m getting down to the nitty gritty! Urgently looking for someone to help with the technical side of things. So I`m on the hunt for for an eager volunteer who has plenty of savvy about phone systems, who can also source (scrounge) the necessary equipment. The system will need to be able to recieve and hold more than one mobile call at a time, and then be linked up to some form of P.A system in the hall.
I`ll also need someone with good telephonist/call centre skills to opperate the system.
Not asking for much, eh!
Anyone out there who can help?
I`d love to hear from you.