Monday, 31 May 2010

The Great Linear Launch on 5th Sept

I`m still looking for some small groups to take part in a few of the remaining locations:
Ben Tee in the Great Glen
Ben Attow (or Fhadda)
Ben Hee in the far North West
Duncansby Head
Around 1.00p.m on Sunday 5th September.

Any takers?

The other 11 locations are now pretty much spoken for.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

No crowds on Ettrick Pen

Yes, I spent about 6 hours up on the southern part of `the Ettrick Horshoe` on Monday. Good views - The Cheviot, Lakeland Fells, Solway, Criffel, Galloway Hills, and so on right round to The Eildons and Tweed valley. Good dry walking with hardly a bog in sight. Now remember, this was on Bank Holiday Monday, and the weather was fine - so imagine my surprise that I saw not a single soul until I got back down to the read. Where have all the walkers gone?