Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Publication Schedule

Well, I met with the publisher on Tuesday, and a timetable for the publication of Ribbon of Wildness has been agreed, contract signed, and the whole thing set in motion. From this, I need to do a final edit by the end of March, but the 85,000 words, pics, and general structure will form the main content. The book will appear at the event I`m contributing to at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this August, and the wider launch will then take place in early September - more about this in due course.

Its taken a while to get to this stage, but I`m delighted that the way is now set for Ribbon of Wildness to appear. Its only the start, of course - more, much more,about this in due course too.

Right now though I`m just a bit frustrated as Watershedepic II is on-hold. I broke a bone in my left foot 3 weeks ago, so can`t walk very far (getting grumpy). Watershedepic II is, as the name implies, my second walk along the 1,200 km Ribbon of Wildness - but doing it North to South this time round. So far I`ve covered the Laich March (central belt) from Balfron Station, and well into the Reiver March (Southern Uplands) to Ettrick Head. So as soon as this foot heals, I`ll have my pack on my back and boots on my feet, bound for the Southern end. Then I`ll start on the Heartlands March - mor about his in due course too.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Discover the Watershed of Scotland

It runs from one end of Scotland to the other - 1,200 km of bog, rock, mountain and forest.
The unique distinction of the Watershed is it`s continuous environmental character, as a Ribbon of Wildness meandering all the way from the English Border to Duncansby Head. But it is the sleeping-giant of our landscape, which we can waken through public awareness, appreciation and involvement.

Please visit for the start of this story, and to set you on your own journey of discovery