Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Publication Schedule

Well, I met with the publisher on Tuesday, and a timetable for the publication of Ribbon of Wildness has been agreed, contract signed, and the whole thing set in motion. From this, I need to do a final edit by the end of March, but the 85,000 words, pics, and general structure will form the main content. The book will appear at the event I`m contributing to at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this August, and the wider launch will then take place in early September - more about this in due course.

Its taken a while to get to this stage, but I`m delighted that the way is now set for Ribbon of Wildness to appear. Its only the start, of course - more, much more,about this in due course too.

Right now though I`m just a bit frustrated as Watershedepic II is on-hold. I broke a bone in my left foot 3 weeks ago, so can`t walk very far (getting grumpy). Watershedepic II is, as the name implies, my second walk along the 1,200 km Ribbon of Wildness - but doing it North to South this time round. So far I`ve covered the Laich March (central belt) from Balfron Station, and well into the Reiver March (Southern Uplands) to Ettrick Head. So as soon as this foot heals, I`ll have my pack on my back and boots on my feet, bound for the Southern end. Then I`ll start on the Heartlands March - mor about his in due course too.

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