Sunday, 29 August 2010

Book Festival Sellout

Yes, the Edinburgh International Book Festival event on 25th August involving Ribbon of Wildness was a sellout - a few folk were unable to get in. The feedback received has been very positive, with many `congratulations`, some talk of `enthusiasm coming across, loud and clear`, the observation of having `whetted the appetite, your book will get into many homes`, and even `a remarkable journey, by a remarkable man`. So all in all Ribbon of Wildness got a good first airing (even if it wasn`t actually in print at the time).
Simultaneously, went live. This graphically illustrated website presents more information about the book, the watershed, the epic walk, and the proposed Ribbon of Wildness Trust. A visit would be well worthwhile.
And Sunday 5Th September will see upwards of 70 people in the very grand City Chambers in Edinburgh at lunchtime, taking part in a highly original event. For they Will be joined by phone link with 12 small groups of passionate supporters on strategic tops running the entire length of Scotland. Places are still available - email - immediately. And its free!
So Ribbon of Wildness - Discovering the Watershed of Scotland is receiving a big start in life, as the book which may transform the way we see, understand, and experience much of the landscape of Scotland.

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