Saturday, 13 March 2010

About to embark on (what I hope will be) the final edit of the text - have set aside a few days, which I will spend in rural seclusion. Log cabin, wood-burning stove, laptop, pot of coffee and no distractions. Its almost as daunting as the day I set off on the long walk in January 2005. This time the thoughts are less about the unknown of what lies ahead: more about whether I`ve got this right. And the occasional thought of what the buying public, if there are any/many, will make of it. Too late now for any major changes. Each time I read the text, I`m pleasantly surprised with what I have written; thats a good indicator. So enough of this pondering - time to look out for typos, missing commas, mis-spellings of all those gaelic mountain names, and any contradictions or repatitions. Down to business on monday.

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