Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Book That Captured Chris Townsend`s Imagination

In the March issue of TGO (The Great Outdoors) magazine, you will find an excellent article by Chris Townsend, in which he tells that whilst browsing in a bookshop he came across a new book that `looked intriguing`, and goes on to say that he found it `quite thrilling`.
He picks up on the originality in my defining the Watershed for the very first time, and on the rationalle used to do so - a geographic rationalle.
His main interest in Ribbon of Wildness though, is in the potential that it holds for inspiring The Watershed of Scotland as an entirely new long distance route for walkers and backpackers - with no waymaring, he stresses. So whether someone wanted to tackle the whole 1,200km, or simple get a lot of pleasure from walking shorter sections of it, Chris is clear that it has much to offer.
Finally, he focusses in on the environmental and landscape content of Ribbon of Wildness, and finds the argument about its` distinctive wildness entirely convincing.
So this article by Chris Townsend has come at an excellent time, not only in raising awareness about the book, but in highlighting much that it has to offer `lovers of wild places`.

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