Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Talks, Sales and Events

Since its` publication last September, Ribbon of Wildness has met with a great respone - some excellent reviews and comments (see www.ribbonofwildness.co.uk); it has indeed been well received.
Sales are good, and it is to be found in many local bookshops, Waterstones, Blackwells, and on-line. Still to crack thogh are the books sections of key outdoor shops. Some 400 copies have been sold, to date.
I`ve given a number of talks and taken part in a variety of events. With some form of display as backdrop, I find that there is no shortage of people who are keen to find out more, and discuss it. 2011 look like being the `Year of Talks` though, with about 25 already confirmed or well on the way to being so. Book and walking festivals, learned societies, local interest organisations, schools and colleges, local bookshops - the variety of interest and demand is seemingly endless. All very encouraging, with plenty of scope for more, and in 2011 I won`t be chargeing any fee!

Two favourite quotes from the reviews are:
`No other journey through Scotland can give so sublime a sense of unity - a feeling of how the Nation`s various different landscapes link together to form a coherent whole`. The Scotsman
And `Peter Wright has done lovers of wild places a great service in providing the first comprehensive description of the Watershed`. TGO

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